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Mond anstarrt

Wishes and visions

We find it important to have desires and visions about how to be of even greater use to others. We are still at the very beginning and a small team, but we very much hope that we can expand our work further in the future. Another great wish would be to be able to hire someone to support the team at some point. Would you like to dream together with us? Then scroll down further. Would you like to help us realize these visions or do you have other ideas for beautiful projects? Then get in touch with us.

Rinder bei Sonnenaufgang

Life saving & animal welfare

For some time now we have wanted to practice the old Buddhist tradition of "saving lives" with us too. The Kuppen farm has largely unused pastureland, which we would like to lease as a refuge for a few animals (e.g. cows, horses, pigs, etc.) that would otherwise expect an agonizing life or death. So far, we have not had the financial basis (purchase, veterinary costs, feed, etc.), time and manpower for regular care and good fences to make this dream come true.

A local Ladakhi girl washing her hands o


Anyone who, like us, has lived for a long time in Asia or has traveled a lot has already seen a lot of suffering. The little ones are often hit particularly hard. We believe that, above all, a good education can lead to long-term benefits and fundamental changes within families and communities. As soon as we have the financial basis, we would like to take on long-term sponsorships for children who would otherwise be denied access to education and a prospect of a better future.

Frau Typing

Book project

There are now many videos of Do Tulku Rinpoche's inspiring lectures and courses. Sometimes we think that it would be nice to have his teachings in writing too. To do this, we first need people who would transcribe the oral presentations, translate and proofread them if necessary.


Retreat houses

We want to give more people the opportunity to retreat to short and long-term retreats by building more retreat houses or caravans in quiet places in the beautiful nature. For this we need more financial resources, but also support for technical equipment and interior fittings.



The Kuppen farm would provide us with some land on which we could garden organically. It would be our wish to be able to offer our course participants vegetables and salads from our own cultivation. For this we need support from people with some experience and, above all, time or manpower.

Stupa garden

One of our "wildest dreams" is a stupa garden that is open to everyone on the grounds of Hof Kuppens. It should be a place of rest, contemplation, meditation and inspiration. How exactly we can achieve this in terms of costs, logistics and possible permits is still completely unclear. 😉

At this point we would like to draw your attention to the project of our wonderful neighbors who are currently working on the construction of a stupa. Turn to for more information.

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