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The events of our Dharma center usually take place in the seminar house Hof Kuppen. Hof Kuppen rents out its rooms to groups with a focus on Buddhism, spirituality, and health. There are several overnight accommodations available in single, double and multi-bed rooms. There are also a garden house, an expanded construction trailer and meadows for camping for a little more seclusion and retreats. The catering is ovo-lacto-vegetarian. Special dietary requests are catered for by arrangement (e.g. vegan, gluten free). 


To book accommodation and full board as a participant, or  to book the entire seminar house for your own events, please contact Mr. Andreas Basigkow:

Further details can be found in the price list and the terms and conditions, which you can view and download on their website:

Hof Kuppen / accommodation and meals


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