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This is the extraordinary story of one of Tibet's greatest Buddhist masters: Sakya Pandita (1182-1251 CE). It not only takes us back to the magical times of ancient Tibet, but also provides an insight into the fascinating history of the country. This Tibetan-German version offers the possibility of either reading the story bilingually or simply marvelling at the beautiful Tibetan script. In addition, the illustrations invite the reader to linger, meditate and colour in. An inspiring and creative reading pleasure for young and old readers alike!

The profits from this book go entirely to the wonderful organisation Lotus Outreach to support girls and women in Asia.

The life story of Sakya Pandita

  • Author: Dagmo Kalden Dunkyi Sakya

    German translation: Rebecca Hufen

    Publisher: Arya Tara's Net 2021

    Hardcover, 25 pages.

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