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You can achieve so much more together! There is always something to do with us and we look forward to any support! Sometimes a few words of encouragement help us and sometimes it's great when someone can lend a hand. Below you can find out which help we particularly need. Let us know if you have other talents that are not mentioned here but could still be useful. Unfortunately we cannot (yet) pay any fees or the like. So your help would be voluntary - but you also collect immaterial earnings for this. Please contact us if you would like to help.  

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Make dreams come true

To make many of our dreams come true, there is simply a lack of people with the appropriate specialist knowledge or enthusiastic volunteers. Take a look at our page on wishes if you want to know more about them and dream together with us.


Business consulting

Arya Tara's Net is a not-for-profit entrepreneurship company. This means that we are actually something like "(Dharma) entrepreneurs", although we actually have no idea about it! Most of the time we learn from (avoidable) mistakes. We therefore look forward to advice and support from those who have experience and knowledge in the field of corporate management.

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We always particularly look forward to our courses and retreats. At the same time, there is always a lot to organize, prepare, clean etc. before and afterwards. Our next big helper weekend will take place from August 9th to 11th, 2019 (more information here ). We look forward to every helping hand.

Brainstorming Group of people Working Co

Graphic design

We are absolute amateurs when it comes to web design, advertising, etc. We therefore need help with our website, with creating a logo (!), With the conception of flyers, posters, etc.



If we ever manage to produce flyers or posters, we would also need someone who would display them in suitable places. Let us know if we can send you posters or flyers to distribute.



We now have some videos with inspiring teachings from Do Tulku Rinpoche that we would like to make available in other languages. For this we need translators who not only have a very good command of English and their mother tongue, but also have some experience with specific "Dharma vocabulary".

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Everything arises in dependence. Arya Tara's Net lives through networking and exchanging like-minded people. We hope that we can achieve a lot of positive things through our work and we look forward to all good wishes and prayers for the success of our projects. May Buddha Arya Tara guide and inspire us always with her great wisdom and compassion.

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