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The date will be announced


Arya Tara's Net

The three types of vows

The three types of vows
The three types of vows

time & place

The date will be announced

Arya Tara's Net, Auf dem Kuppen 8, Windeck, Germany

About the course

The subject of vows is one of the most important on the Buddhist path. Vows bind our minds and produce wisdom. We need them at all levels of Dharma practice because on the path to liberation everything is a vow including ultimate liberation. Different vows determine different paths and outcomes. Different Buddhist schools also differ based on the vows.

Although the vows are the most important aspect of our practice, they are seldom discussed in their entirety. As a result, there is often confusion about important questions such as: What exactly are these vows? Why, how and when should you take them? What are the point of view, meditation, and behavior of each vow? Can one practice the vows of all three vehicles at the same time or not? If we are not certain about this, it can create obstacles in our practice.

In this short study retreat, Do Tulku Rinpoche will discuss these questions among others. It is aimed at anyone who wants to gain more clarity about their own vows and practice, or who just want to do some research before taking vows. The course language is English (translation into German is only possible if requested).

Dates & times: The exact dates for this course will be announced, depending on the current situation with the corona virus.

Course fees: on donation basis (either by bank transfer or cash on site)

Accommodation and meals in Hof Kuppen must be booked and paid for separately with Andreas Basigkow ( Please ask Andreas for the exact prices.

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