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24. November 2021

Ngöndro-Retreat 2021

With this retreat we would like to support Ngöndro practitioners of all traditions in finding new inspiration and delving deeper into their practice. Everyone should bring their own practice text.

More information here.

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August 2021

Bodhisattva Project 2

The Bodhisattva Project is a multi-year study program on the foundations, philosophy, and practices of Mahayana Buddhism. We will follow a similar curriculum as the major Buddhist monastic universities (tib. Shédra). 

More information and registration here.

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Arya Tara's Net is dedicated to embodying the practice and theory of Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings, especially as they have been transmitted within the Tibetan tradition. At the same time, we pursue a non-sectarian approach, characterized by openness, respect, and appreciation of all Buddhist traditions.